Putting Prayers to Action - God's Storehouse of Hope & Love

Program description
Since 2005, Putting Prayers to Action has been providing to our homeless community. They now provide to four different Homeless Communities. These homeless are the ones living on the streets and within the camps, not in a shelter. Every month, we partner with Homeless ministries that assist us in caring for the food insecure, poor and homeless. Putting Prayers to Action provides them with the needed food, clothing, personal hygiene items, blankets, coats, gloves and sleeping bags. We travel one Sunday a month to assist in the worship service with them. We restock the ministries supplies and provide to the homeless in attendance, usually between 100-200.

Program long term success
We envision expansion of Putting Prayers to Action helping the homeless living on the streets and within camps of Kentucky. We envision partnering with more ministries to provide the needed assistance. Program success monitored byIn the past, Putting Prayers to Action collected data from area homeless ministries, shelters, discussions, interviews and observations. We use this information to know where the Homeless Camps are located and what is needed within them.

Program success examples
Since assisted our first Homeless area in 2005, our program has reached approximately four different locations in Kentucky. The extra food provided gives them the nourishment they need for daily survival. These experiences have provided our team members with opportunities to develop skills in the following areas: leadership, self-confidence and self-respect, trust, sense of responsibility for self, others, the community, critical thinking, teamwork, and decision-making, as well as, made them environmental stewards within their own community.