Putting Prayers to Action - God's Storehouse of Hope & Love

Program description
Since 2011, Putting Prayers to Action had acted as a local food bank to other ministries, outreaches and families. There are many families who need food to sustain them for the week. Putting Prayers to Action is able to give them a hand up, instead of a handout. We provide food and supplies to ease the hardship they may be going through. Many families fall between the crack of receiving assistance. We are able to assist these families, when other agencies aren’t able to assist. Putting Prayers to Action also provides food, personal hygiene items, and supplies to different children’s homes, churches, ministries, outreaches, shelters and schools who do not have their own food pantries enabling them to assist their families in need in their communities.

Program long term success
We envision expansion of Putting Prayers to Action Gods Storehouse of Hope & Love throughout Kentucky to assist the poverty within our state.

Program success monitored by
Putting Prayers to Action relies on the collected data from each of the partnering agencies. We then determined how much food can be given to each agency if needed and based on Putting Prayers to Action’s families need. Our families are located in throughout Kentucky, we feel consistent collaboration increases attendance and strengthen our relationship with our families. We use a one call system to keep our families informed of distribution.

Program success examples
Since 2011, Gods Storehouse of Hope & Love Food Bank has reached 47,876 families in Kentucky. These experiences have provided our volunteers with opportunities to develop skills in the following areas: leadership, self-confidence and self-respect, trust, sense of responsibility for self, others, the community, critical thinking, teamwork, and decision-making, as well as, made them environmental stewards within their own community.