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Putting Prayers to Action has three different areas of Food Outreach.
  1.  We provide food boxes for the needy and help support 
       other ministries needs. 
 2.  We deliver meals to the elderly, sick, or when food is 
                                     needed in the area. 
                                3.  We have community Outreach meals locally and when we
Food being prepared                                      are in the Mission Field.
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Outreach Food Outreach is not all about the FOOD; it is about building relationships from sharing the Love of Jesus Christ with the family or individual.  It is about meeting them at their present need, and Sharing the Love of Christ to them through that need. 
Mission Trip food being prepared 
Many area's God sends us, may not get a meal for several days and we try to serve a community meal each time.  We always provide food boxes for the families. 
Food trays
The need of food is everywhere, not only in Eastern Ky, but it is within every aspect of life.  The need may arise as a member of the family is sick, tragedy, or a disaster (such as floods or tornado), the main thing is to be prepared when God says GO!
Delivering food trays
In the case of floods or storms, the last thing the families need to worry about is preparing a meal.  We try to fix enough meals for the families and the workers. 
Preparing food trays
We Praise God for all of our volunteers who cook, donate food, donate their time, or deliver meals.  They each play a very important part in bringing Love & Hope to the family or community in need.
Delivering food trays
We thank each business that has donated food items, trays, or sacks.  Your donations allows us to continue to be His Hand's & Feet to the Hurting in our communities.
Bringing Hope & Encouragement
while Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ
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