Putting Prayers to Action - God's Storehouse of Hope & Love

Program description
In 2014, Putting Prayers to Action began their Blessing in a Back Pack Program to assist hungry children in the Appalachian Mountain Region. Putting Prayers to Action was approached by an elementary school because many of their students were food insecure. Most of the children who attended were on assisted or fully funded lunch programs. After leaving school on Friday afternoon, many of the children would have nothing to each until Monday morning during breakfast at school. Putting Prayers to Action were able to partner with the school to fill each child’s backpack with healthy snacks everyday and every Friday we provide food to go home with these children.

Program long term success
We envision expansion of Putting Prayers to Action Blessing in a Back Pack Programs throughout the Eastern Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia school districts where assistance in needed for the children.

Program success monitored by
Putting Prayers to Action uses the data from Family Resource Centers to determine the amount of food need for each delivery. They provide us the information on what is preferred by the children and requested.

Program success examples
Since our first Blessing in a Backpack was delivered in in 2014, our program has reached approximately 22 different schools and over 70,000 lbs. of food delivered. The results have shown that children involved in Putting Prayers to Action Programs have increase their grades and self confidence levels. The extra food provided gives them the boost they need to excel and teachers report improved behavior and attention spans in class.