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Video of the making of Putting Prayers to Action
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Putting Prayers to Action Testimony
God used our personal testimony to form the ministry Putting Prayers to Action. This is our video of how God used trials in our life to shape His Plan of His call upon our life as Missionaries. We P...

Putting Prayers to Action is a non-profit organization focused on Sharing God’s Love to a hurting world by meeting the physical & Spiritual needs. We are committed to changing the world, one life at a time with Mercy, Love & Grace through Christ Jesus, Our Lord.
Putting Prayers to Action supports many Outreach Ministries in State and Out of State.   Whether it is a family facing hard times or the homeless on the street, we need to share the Love of Jesus with those God places in our path.  The only way to do this is by being His Hands and Feet in a Hurting World. 
Jesus led the example of compassion and as Christians; we are to be the Hand's and Feet of Jesus.  We provide Hope and Encouragement to a hurting world by Sharing God's Love in meeting their immediate needs.  When Jesus healed the blind, crippled, and delivered them, He met their immediate need.   In order to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we need to first recognize the need. Scripture tells us how Jesus felt about Outreach to the broken heart, hungry, sick and those in Prison. 
Matthew 25:35-40
Putting Prayers to Action supports many different Mission's in State, Out of State and Overseas.  God has allowed our paths to cross with many different needy areas.  As this needs arises, we seek God for guidance in what Action we need to take to Share the Love of Jesus Christ.  We combined our Faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the compassion He provides while He allows us to continue Putting Prayers to Action .  Praying is  essential, but it is only through our actions, that these hurting communities will experience the Love of God.  We believe in the Great Commission
 Matthew 28:19-20
Putting Prayers to Action is in the small community of Big Clifty, KY.  The ministry continues to grow and expand to new horizons as God directs our paths.  We believe in networking with other ministries, in order to fulfill the needs in God's Kingdom.  Our network of resource's, volunteers and ministries has grown by faith in working together through the years.   Each playing a crucial and important part, but vital role to each other.   As in the church body, each member plays a different role, some seen more than other's, but each member of that body is of equal value.  God's word is clear of how we are to work in unity within the Body of Christ and we want to thank each important member in our body of God's Storehouse of Hope & Love, for believing in our Mission & Purpose.
 Bryan & Tina Decker are the founder's & directors of Putting Prayer's to Action, LLC.  They have two sons Trace and Brennen.   They have been married for 22 years.    This ministry is a family ministry each playing an important part in God's Plan by being His Hands and Feet to a Hurting World.
    Tina was saved at the age of six years old.  She thanks God for her Christian mother which raised her in church.  She fell in love with Jesus at a very young age, but as most teenagers; she began to run from the Love of God, during the trials she had to face as a young child.  She felt ashamed and unworthy of God's Love. Even though she ran for years, she always knew her heart solely belonged to God.  She thanks God for all the test that she faced as a child, teenager and young adult.  With each test of faith, she allowed those trials to mature her into the Christian Woman of Faith, she is today.  Because without those test, she would not have the testimony that has served God's purpose of Healing, Hope, Encouragement and Deliverance too many hurting individuals.  God has allowed her not only to sympathize with people, but through her own testimony, she can empathize with them.  
    Bryan was saved later in his life.  He thanks God for his Christian mother which took him to church.   Bryan was the typical teenage boy growing up.  During his teenage years, rebelled & refused to go to church.  After getting married, Bryan wrestled with God for years, until he finally; ask Him into his heart as Lord and Savior.  Bryan's faith has grown with each trial the family has faced.  He personally has witnessed God's Healing Power, as he laid on the operating table in surgery.   Through his healing testimony, many people receive the hope and comfort to face trials.   He gives God Praise & Glory for his salvation and for the many blessings.
    Trace was saved at age 8, already God has brought him through much more than many adults will ever face. In 2003, Trace became very ill.  He had to endure many tests, only to find out he had a kidney disorder.  He had his first surgery in early 2004.  He was hooked up to a bag and tubes for over 10 weeks.  Then, his body started rejecting the tubes.  Since then, he has had four other surgeries and five procedures.  Kosairs Children’s Hospital and the specialist released him the latter part of 2004 as there was nothing more they could do for him.  He was referred to a team of specialist in Ohio for treatmentThere he was told it was a genetic Kidney disorder.  He was released from the kidney specialist in February 2010.  The specialist stated the kidney appears to be completely normal, not even the first sign of any surgery.  He Praises God for the Healing he received.  In July 2010, Trace underwent chest surgery for sunken chest.  This is where the ribs grow inward towards the heart & lungs.  His ribs were compressing his heart.   He is continuing to Heal and we give all Glory & Praise to God.  God has touched many lives through Trace's Faith in God and all he has endured.  In August 2011, he has returned to school to start his Freshman year.  He loves it!
  Brennen was saved at age 6; he too, was diagnosed with the kidney disorder.  He has had several procedures for his kidney.  He was released in February, 2008, his kidneys were functioning properly.   His love for God blesses anyone that speaks with him.  When something happens, he immediately calls upon the name of Jesus.    In April of 2008, Brennen became very sick; we had taken him to the doctor's only to be told it was a virus.  One afternoon, returning from the doctor's office, he collapsed in our living room floor while I was on the phone speaking to our Pastor.  I had to carry him to the car and rush him back to the doctor.  Upon arriving, they found that it was acute appendicitis and was rushed to surgery.  When we arrived at the hospital, Brennen would ask each person to pray for him.  God has got a way of touching hearts young & old with a voice of a child with Faith in Him.
  This year, we are home schooling, since Trace had surgery.  I feel this is God's Will for our life at this point.  As God calls us to GO, we are able to go as a family on different mission trips.  Their faith in God's Healing power at an early age exceeds most adults.  God is already using these two boys in amazing ways.
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and yours minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6-7