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2015 Local Distributions

  We would like to thank our Missionary friends from Missouri Roger & Sue for assisting us in helping our local children. They brought 290 Christmas Blessing bags filled with goodies & personal hygiene items in each homemade bag.  They had a team in Missouri that helped them assemble each bag with love.  Words can not express how grateful we are to you all and each person that donated to your project. Thank for helping & providing Christmas to
many of our local children. Thank you Obadiah for serving our families with such a heart full of love.

 2015 Local Christmas

This Christmas Season was a very busy time for us.  We not only had an event in November for our local families, but now it was time for our local Christmas events.  This year we started with our Grayson & Hardin county families.  We served 471 that morning.  When scheduling, I didn't realize it would be cold and we would be outside. 

 We actually setup in the St. Elizabeth Catholic parking lot.  We thank them for allowing us to use it and thank all the families for coming out in the cold.  I would also like to thank Donnie Phelps for allowing Alyssa for helping us with all of our local events.  She was a big help!

We then traveled onto Breckinridge county to setup in Hardinsburg. It means so much to help the county you were from growing up.  I know, looking back, my mom could have used the extra help at times.  She was raising three girls and times were hard for farming families.  We were so blessed as the people starting forming lines to be served.  After the last family was served and tallied the totals, we found that God had blessed another 403 people, 223 kids in Hardinsburg.  All the volunteers kept saying, I think God is multiplying your items!  The trailers are just as full as they were.  Truthfully, we felt the same way.

God is so good! Our last local event of 2015 was held in Meade County at the fairgrounds. This event was a last minute planning.  My sister, Sharon made a few calls and it was scheduled for the following day. God blessed 538 people, 298 kids.   After the event was finished and we started loading the trailer.  Everyone looked at each other as to say, "God is multiplying."

Thank you to all the volunteers for helping us. What a way to end our 2015 year. May God Bless each of you & May you have a very Merry Christmas.  Thank You Lord for your many Blessing.
Thank you to all the great volunteers.
Thank you to TLC Ministries for not only Blessing our Appalachian children, but our local children as well.  Thank you to Lisa Stettner, from New Jersey that sent 5 cartons of goodies for our families, such a hats, gloves, socks & scarves.  The kids loved the Star Wars!