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2015 Appalachian Christmas Mission Trip
 Our Events & stops
We traveled to Virginia first, instead of last this trip. Starting out, we knew we were short on certain sizes of clothes, toys and personal hygiene items.   We were so blessed to have volunteers at each event.  Some even cooked for us, which is always a wonderful blessing.   
Many of our stops were at night and the weather didn't work well for us.  It was chilly and damp. The families patiently waited in line to be served. One of our stops will always hold a special memory for me.  After the second event, in Virginia, our toys were gone.  The whole trip to McVeigh, I was stressing about how to tell them that we had no toys for their event.  This event was so special to me, because this was a complete circle that God had made for us.  Our very first Mission trip started with McVeigh.  My heart was broken, but deep down I knew God had it under control.  I just didn't know when He was going to show up. 

Upon arriving, I was met by several of their volunteers.  Tammy said let me show you what we collected for the event.  She proceeded to take me where we stood gazing at two rooms completely full of toys.  I broke down and started crying.  She didn't know what to say, then I told her about how God had moved through them before we even got there.  God is so GOOD!
After the event, they bagged up all that was left over and sent it with us to bless the other children. 

Our trip would never be complete without a visit to see our Phyliss.  She was so excited that we were there and tickled with all the gifts that some of you sent with us.  She longed to fix supper for us, so that we could stay awhile longer.  Even though our visits are usually short, they are priceless to me.  Bryan is getting pretty good at the selfies of us

We then headed over the mountain into Harlan County.  Our first stop was our Hope Center girls.  I Praise God for allowing us to have gifts for all 125 girls, plus their children received Christmas.  We can't explain how proud and how much we love these girls.  They fill our hearts with so many memories.  Many times we go back and miss seeing faces, but we know that this is just a stop for each one.  So we are proud God allows us to have a short span in their life.

We were then off to our apartments that we visit.  We are were at this one set of apartments, when a young boy came up to us.  He had seen another child receive a coat.  He said, "You think there's a coat that will fit me in that trailer."  Bryan smiled and said son let me see.  Well, we found him a brand new coat, thanks to TLC Ministries.  He tried it on, walked around, and then took it off.  We were puzzled by his actions.  He looked at us, and said thanks for letting me wear the coat for a while.  We laughed and said, it's yours you don't have to give it back.  This was his very first new coat.  He was so excited. He left running and happy to show his new coat off.

Our last event was held at a local school.  We arrived two hours early only to find a line already formed.  We decided to work alongside another ministry to bless more families.  Anyone that knows me, knows that having a plan, being organized or having a system in serving families means so much to me.  We usually call five families at a time to serve them, but the other ministry opened the door and all 700 people came in to be served at one time.  Yes, we did get to have a worship service before hand, but when the doors opened it was crazy.  They said they enjoy watching the frenzy of it.  I just Praise God we had extra volunteers with the Hope Center girls, Frankie & Judy, but then we got a surprise with our friends
Russell & Kim, from Louisville showing up to help us.