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For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11

Back to School Clothing Deadline is June 15, 2016
Don’t forget to mark the size on each garment you make.

This is our only appeal for the Back-To-School distribution
Items for Boys - Jeans may be purchased for the boys. Outfits consisting of pants, shirt, briefs, t-shirts and socks for boys are needed.  Sizes Newborn - 18 are the requested sizes.
Items for Girls - Outfits for girls include a dress, jumper or pants, and blouse, plus a slip and a little crocheted pocketbook. Tights or socks, undies, hair bow, bracelet and barrettes can be purchased to complete the outfits. Sizes Newborn - 18 are the requested sizes.
Items for Infants and Toddlers - For infants and toddlers, we can use baby and toddler clothing, baby blankets, quilts, shoes and socks.
Back to School Packs
Appalachian Region & Local Distribution

Back to School bag Deadline July 15, 2016
We need at least 1,600 Back to School bags for our 2016 Summer Trip to the Appalachian Region. We use gallon Ziploc bags and mark on the outside whether Elementary or Middle School. Also, please add the ABC’s Tract found on our website. 
We accept gently used backpacks for the children. 

Elementary School Bags:
Pencils, crayons, composition/ notebook paper, rulers, erasers, scissors, and glue stick.
Middle/High School Bags:
Pencils, coloring pencils or markers, composition notebook/paper, rulers, erasers, ink pens and calculator.
If you do not have time to shop, but would like to provide a Back to School Bag, each bag costs $10.00.
Please include a Gospel tract or
 the ABC's of Salvation

And my God will meet all your needs according to
 His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19

Easter Blessing’s Delivered

It is exciting to report about our Easter distributions in the Appalachia and Central Kentucky Region. This has been our largest Easter; with our new partners and long standing partners supporting us.  Together, we are making a Difference in a child’s life.
Through the generosity of all our donors 1,357 outfits were received and hand delivered to the children. 
We were blessed to deliver 578 boy’s complete outfits.  A complete outfit consists of:  pants/jeans, shirt, underwear and socks.  We ran out of most all our boy’s clothes.  We accept sizes newborn-18.

We were blessed to deliver 676 girl’s complete outfits.  A complete outfit consists of: Dress or Jumper and blouse, slip, or pants/shirt, panties, tights or socks, purse, bracelet and hair bow.  We ran out of 12-18 sizes.  We do accept pants and blouses for girls.
While our girl’s clothes are sufficient in most the sizes we urgently need boy’s clothes of all sizes.  We have to purchase most of our boy’s clothes and do so at clearances and sales, but even this is very expensive. Additional assistance with our boy’s clothing or a monetary donation to purchase needed items, would be appreciated.
We were blessed to deliver 103 infant and toddler outfits. Plus, 67 baby blankets, 31 afghans, 21 children’s ponchos and 253 pair of socks.

Thanks to Uri and Megan Haynes for adopting our babies.  This is the first year each of our babies received a baby bottle.  We also got to provide pacifiers to 40 babies.
We also were able to provide 1,670 care kits.  We didn’t have enough cloth bags, so many were passed out in Ziploc bags. The babies and toddlers received appropriate items.  The teens whom we didn’t have clothes for still received their care kit & Easter gift.
We were able to provide 964 pair of shoes for the children.  We still have not been able to provide shoes to each of our children, but we are getting closer. 
I am proud to announce all 1,923 children have or will receive an Easter Blessing Bag, thanks to many of you that sent items. Glory to God!
During the Easter Distribution, we were able to deliver 30 tons of food-- 28tons to families and 2 tons to the Blessing in a Backpack Program.
We were also proud to provide 13 tons of paper products, personal hygiene, feminine hygiene and diapers to the families.  We were able to provide toilet paper and paper towels to most of our families, still didn’t have enough for all.
God's Plan
Putting Prayers to Actions accepts TLC's offer
We at Putting Prayers to Action are honored to accept the offer to continue the work of Tender Loving Care Ministries. After much prayer and consideration, we believe this decision is one that the Lord has ordained for us, and we are humbled and excited to be chosen for the opportunity to continue their service in God’s Kingdom.

We feel that it is a demonstration of His great plan for all of us. We admire the work TLC has been doing for all the children.  Now, we will be able to expand on our ability to assist more children and their families in the poverty stricken communities.

To our new followers and supporters, we value the assistance you have already provided to us through TLC. We look forward to the opportunity to begin to foster a long and mutually advantageous relationship built in Christ with you. We are committed not only in assisting children and their families, but God requires us to be good stewards in all He provides to us. Your prayers and support in this transition will be invaluable in helping us on this journey for Him.

Appalachian Region & Local Distribution

We are privileged to have many volunteers who make dresses, slips, nightgowns, and pajamas.  Your hard work and God given talent puts smiles on the children’s’ little faces.  We value and treasure each item to bless our children. 

Info about our Distributions
We have four major distributions a year throughout the Appalachian Region and monthly local distributions. 

Due to the number of children we serve via our distributions: 
       We accept NEW clothing all year.
We accept new store bought items
We accept pants for girls
We accept tennis shoes for girls
We accept baby clothing

Please send them to:

Putting Prayers to Action
1336 Solway Meeting Rd
Big Clifty, KY 42712

We do accept gently used childrens clothing, but they must be freshly cleaned, sorted and packaged.

Separate clothes into sizes & Make outfits
 Please add new underwear & socks
Please place the ABC's of Salvation
(posted above in each pack)
Write gender and size on the outside of bag in permanent marker
This allows us to continue to accept gently used clothing and you help us in this process.  If you follow these directions, your pack will be ready for a child to receive.

Anything with holes, broken zippers or stains

  Send them to the address below:           
Putting Prayers to Action
1336 Solway Meeting Rd
Big Clifty, KY 42712

2015 Appalachian Christmas Mission Trip
 Our Events & stops
We traveled to Virginia first, instead of last this trip. Starting out, we knew we were short on certain sizes of clothes, toys and personal hygiene items.   We were so blessed to have volunteers at each event.  Some even cooked for us, which is always a wonderful blessing.   
Many of our stops were at night and the weather didn't work well for us.  It was chilly and damp. The families patiently waited in line to be served. One of our stops will always hold a special memory for me.  After the second event, in Virginia, our toys were gone.  The whole trip to McVeigh, I was stressing about how to tell them that we had no toys for their event.  This event was so special to me, because this was a complete circle that God had made for us.  Our very first Mission trip started with McVeigh.  My heart was broken, but deep down I knew God had it under control.  I just didn't know when He was going to show up. 

Upon arriving, I was met by several of their volunteers.  Tammy said let me show you what we collected for the event.  She proceeded to take me where we stood gazing at two rooms completely full of toys.  I broke down and started crying.  She didn't know what to say, then I told her about how God had moved through them before we even got there.  God is so GOOD!
After the event, they bagged up all that was left over and sent it with us to bless the other children. 

Our trip would never be complete without a visit to see our Phyliss.  She was so excited that we were there and tickled with all the gifts that some of you sent with us.  She longed to fix supper for us, so that we could stay awhile longer.  Even though our visits are usually short, they are priceless to me.  Bryan is getting pretty good at the selfies of us

We then headed over the mountain into Harlan County.  Our first stop was our Hope Center girls.  I Praise God for allowing us to have gifts for all 125 girls, plus their children received Christmas.  We can't explain how proud and how much we love these girls.  They fill our hearts with so many memories.  Many times we go back and miss seeing faces, but we know that this is just a stop for each one.  So we are proud God allows us to have a short span in their life.

We were then off to our apartments that we visit.  We are were at this one set of apartments, when a young boy came up to us.  He had seen another child receive a coat.  He said, "You think there's a coat that will fit me in that trailer."  Bryan smiled and said son let me see.  Well, we found him a brand new coat, thanks to TLC Ministries.  He tried it on, walked around, and then took it off.  We were puzzled by his actions.  He looked at us, and said thanks for letting me wear the coat for a while.  We laughed and said, it's yours you don't have to give it back.  This was his very first new coat.  He was so excited. He left running and happy to show his new coat off.

Our last event was held at a local school.  We arrived two hours early only to find a line already formed.  We decided to work alongside another ministry to bless more families.  Anyone that knows me, knows that having a plan, being organized or having a system in serving families means so much to me.  We usually call five families at a time to serve them, but the other ministry opened the door and all 700 people came in to be served at one time.  Yes, we did get to have a worship service before hand, but when the doors opened it was crazy.  They said they enjoy watching the frenzy of it.  I just Praise God we had extra volunteers with the Hope Center girls, Frankie & Judy, but then we got a surprise with our friends
Russell & Kim, from Louisville showing up to help us.

                                                         TLC Blessings
We Praise God for everything that TLC has done for our families & us.  We were able to reach so many more children in Eastern Kentucky, Virginia & locally.  Approximately, 281 children received new coats or jackets, over 500 children & teens were blessed with new clothing, over 300 received either a homemade sweater or afghan, over 765 were blessed to receive either homemade hats, scarfs, mittens or gloves.  Some received a matching set.  They also blessed 392 of our toddlers & babies with either a homemade quilt or blanket.  One of our teenagers received a full size homemade quilt. It was her very first bed clothing, she hadn't had anything to cover up at night under.  They also sent 5 very special  homemade Raggedy Ann Dolls. 

God truly not only blessed our families & children, but He blessed us & provided encouragement through them.

We were able to Bless over 2,300 children this year at Christmas with your help!

Thank you TLC & all your volunteers for all you've done!

These girls sleep together in a twin mattress, now they have their own quilts.

Our Events & stops
We Praise God for the Salvations, Rededications, Deliverances and Healings
 He allowed us to be part of on this trip.

Our first event was the evening we arrived.  I never schedule like this, but I had been contacted by a church group in Columbia wanting to assist us and provide Christmas Shoeboxes to pass out to the children.  The only days they could assist were Saturday & Sunday, so I schedule to allow them to see the areas & meet our families.  The week we were leaving, I called them to find out how many would be assisting us & rooms that were needed.  Unfortunately, they had decided not to go & deliver their shoeboxes by theirselves.  My flesh wanted to worry about the shoebox that had been figured in to the committed totals & the help needed for the scheduled events & stops on the two days.  My mind started trying to tell me that the small team of 12 couldn't do what we had scheduled for 25.  No we couldn't, but God can & did!  It is amazing the events started and we were into the second day.  My sister ask me, now when was that team suppose to show up to help.  I said yesterday, we laughed, because God provided all the help and we hadn't given it a second thought.  Then God not only blessed us with the 1,600 shoeboxes, but He blessed us with almost 2,400 shoeboxes.  God is so GOOD!  We were blessed to have 15 of the Hope Center girls to help us at our events. 

One of our stops will always hold a special memory for me.  We had pulled over at a school parking lot to eat sandwiches on the go.  Several kids came down when they recognized us.  Jill from Farmers Feed Mill made us her famous chicken salad.  The look in the kids eyes told us a heart wrenching story.  I ask them are you hungry?  They said, "Yes, we haven't ate anything."  I fixed all of them one sandwich and then ask do you want another.  "Yes, they all answered we're still hungry."  

We had to fill their bellies before providing to any other need.


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